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Razor net

Main product

Razor nets are used in places with an increased risk of defeat of the net and/or acts of vandalism, especially in prisons and closed centers.

The razor nets are made of wire and galvanized sheet metal.

Finished products are rolled into a cylindrical shape and secured for transport.

The basic variant is razor net with an Ultra Medium blade, and on request a net can be supplied with any blade from the Protector Fence range.

The width of the sheets is 6080 mm, while the height depends on the customer's needs.

In what places is razor net useful?

Our razor net is perfect for places where it is particularly important to ensure an appropriate level of security. These include detention centers, prisons, military and police facilities, as well as company premises. In short, razor wire mesh works well wherever the desired feature is resistance to devastation and a very high level of strength. Due to its properties, the net hurts if someone tries to get through it. Its appearance itself makes the product act as a repellent.

What are the characteristics of galvanized mesh?

The available types of blades are:

  • Basic,
  • Ultra Short, and 
  • Ultra Medium.

The razor net made of galvanized sheet metal is characterized by a high level of resistance to difficult weather conditions, providing long-lasting protection. Thanks to the zinc coating, the mesh is resistant to UV radiation, frost, snow, high temperatures and rain. Thanks to this, our customers have a guarantee that this product will serve for many years, guaranteeing the highest level of protection. It is worth emphasizing that we provide a warranty of up to 5 years for the galvanizing and galvanic coating. 

Razor wire mesh - reviews

Our customers appreciate the razor wire mesh for its highest durability, use in various weather conditions and simple installation. They often emphasize this state of affairs in their reviews. At the same time, institutions and enterprises that have decided to install our blade mesh often point out its awe-inspiring appearance. It definitely discourages attempts to force it, and thus allows for maintaining order, for example, in penitentiaries. Many of our customers also appreciate the blade mesh because of its relatively simple installation. It is possible to install the mesh in a very short time. Even when the area to be divided by the net is really large.

Investment price of razor net

The net made of razor wire in our offer is of the highest quality. Although more expensive than substitutes from China, it guarantees a much higher level of resistance and durability. Moreover, we guarantee a very high level of resistance of our Polish product to mechanical damage. 

Why our offer?

By choosing our offer, you gain access to the highest quality products and experienced specialists who provide professional advice. We have already completed a large number of projects for various state institutions and companies that require the highest safety standards. It is also worth adding that our products are subjected to demanding tests. They have been provided with all approvals and certificates that confirm their high level of durability. 

At the same time, it is worth noting that we guarantee professional advice to our clients. Therefore, if buyers have any questions, we are happy to share our expert knowledge and indicate the best solutions. Therefore, please contact us and place orders.

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