Razor wire products

Protector Fence Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company specializing in the production of razor wire and razor net. 

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Razor wire products are our specialty

Protector Fence Sp. z o. o. is a Polish company specializing in the production of razor wire and razor net. In addition, the company has a wide catalog of products dedicated to the construction of modern fences and securing critical infrastructure facilities. We cooperate with the public and private sectors. We provide top-class solutions, which makes us one of the leading Polish companies.


Protector Fence is synonymous with the highest quality and broadly understood customer safety, work safety and the facilities in which our products are installed. We support the customer at every stage of the order, inform about the subsequent stages of implementation and offer a wide catalog of after-sales services.
Our own production means that there are no products that we cannot make, no solutions that are impossible to implement. We focus on continuous development and a flexible approach to the customer, his expectations and needs, so that he feels that his safety and peace of mind are our priority and goal in themselves, which makes us the Polish leader in the production of razor wire products.

Polish production

Short order times

Guarantee of quality

Patented solutions

„SAFETY is yours”


See what people say about us

We always try to rise to the occasion and provide our clients with true professional service.

“The deliveries were made properly and carefully. We recommend Protector Fence as a reliable supplier, which is confirmed by a high level of technical service, efficient logistics and technical support. We can definitely recommend cooperation with the Company. "
"Protector Fence Sp. z o. o. currently produces razor wire products, such as concertina nets, razor nets, and straight wires, according to our orders. All deliveries were always carried out professionally and in accordance with the order. I recommend Protector Fence Sp. z o. o. as a reliable supplier, reliably fulfilling all orders.”
“The ordered products are of high quality, deliveries were on time and the employees provide professional advice and offer competent service. We also cooperated on non-standard orders, in which the substantive support provided to us professionally was very helpful. For products supplied by Protector Fence Sp. z o. o., our company has never had any quality concerns and all types of problems were solved quickly and professionally.”

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